I am a retired electronic engineer . I have worked 40+ years in the eletronic industry in companies working with  telecommuniction. 

My Amateur Radios

ICOM IC9700: 2m-70cm and 23cm radio, also used for uwave operation

ICOM IC7300: HF + 50 and 70MHz

YEASU FT991: HF to 70cm almode radio

Acom1000: 1KW Power amplifier from 1.8 to 50MHz

I am QRV on these bands from JO65FP

This QTH is located in Valby, Copenhagen ; antennas are on a 9 meter tower 3m ASL

  • 50MHz 1KW and 3 element yagi
  • 70MHZ 25W and 4 element yagi
  • 144MHz 100W 3 element yagi – frequency is often set to 145.225 FM
  • 432MHz 100W and vertical procom
  • 1296MHz 150W and 69 element antenna
  • 2320MHz QRT, nomore allowed in OZ
  • 2400MHz QO-100
  • 3400MHz 40W to 1m dish
  • 5760MHz 15W to 1m dish
  • 10368MHz 4W to 60cm dish
  • 24048MHz QRT / new rig planned
  • 47GHz planned
  • 122GHz QRV portable

Valby QTH

I am QRV on these bands from JO55RT

This is my sommer QTH so it is mainly used in the summer period. The antennas are appx. 110m ASL

  • 50MHz 100W and 3 element yagi
  • 70MHZ 20W and 4 element yagi
  • 144MHz 100W 9 element yagi
  • 432MHz 100W and 11 element yagi
  • 1296MHz 20W and 2×23 elemnt yagi
  • 10368MHz planned for 2021

My local radio club is OZ7AMG

Here we meet every thursday from 19.00 to 23.00

Club is now open with Corona test pass

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